Sample Overview
Here are some representative samples of our work
-Both Dennis and Jason will have artwork in the 2015 Arkansas Arts Council's Small Works on Paper Exhibition. The exhibit opens January 3rd in North Little Rock at the William F. Laman Library. There will be an opening reception January 9th. The show will tour different galleries around the state for one year. For a list of sites go to Arkansas Arts Council website.

-Artwork by Dennis and Jason can be seen anytime at Boswell Mourot Fine Art on Kavanaugh Blvd. in Little Rock

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Dennis McCann
Jason McCann
Back Stairs by Jason McCann 40x30 Oil on canvasCampsite by Dennis McCann 28x30 Pastel"The Cooler, The Father-In-Law, and The Front Porch" by Jason McCann, 48x60" Oil on Canvas2 Houses by Dennis McCann 30x40 PastelReilly by Jason McCann 48x48 Oil on canvas"Christen" by Jason McCann, 38x25" Mixed Media "From the Hotel", by Jason McCann, 31x50" Mixed MediaAllen Street by Dennis McCann 16x34 Pastel"Avenue" by Jason McCann, 36x48" Oil on Canvas"The Yellow Bucket" by Jason McCann, 42x42" Oil on Canvas"Escape and Shadows" By Jason McCann 48x66" Oil on Canvas"Behind the Store" by Jason McCann, 36x48" Oil on CanvasC"Campus" by Jason McCann, 48x48" Oil on Canvas"Clinton Avenue" by Jason McCann, 40x40" Oil on Canvas"Crosswalk" by Jason McCann, 36x48" Oil on Canvas"Dueling Dozers (Capitol and Main)" by Jason McCann, 30x30"
Mixed Media on paper"Red Trim" by Jason McCann, 40x60" Oil on CanvasStudy for "Man and Dog" by Jason McCann, 18x24" Mixed Media on paper "Downtown" by Jason McCann, 30x44" Mixed Media on paper"Waiting on the Women" by Jason McCann, 30x48" Oil on Canvas"Intersection" By Jason McCann, 34x25" Mixed Media on paper"One-sided Conversation" by Jason McCann, 21x23" Mixed Media on paper" Above 5th" by Jason McCann, 48x60" Oil on Canvas"Powerlines" by Jason McCann, 40x40" Oil on Canvas

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