Jason McCann
The works below are representative samples of my portfolio.  If you have a particular interest or question about a piece of work, please feel free to contact me. 
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Jason McCann’s artwork tends to focus on urban architecture as well as figurative subject matter.  His work uses expressive paint application and color to capture the energy and spontaneity of his subjects. 

Jason attended school at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro as well as the University of Central Arkansas where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Education in 2001.  In 2007, he completed his Master of Arts degree in Painting and Drawing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  Since 1995, His artwork has been displayed in numerous shows and exhibitions across the southeast United States. Jason Is currently represented by Boswell Mourot Fine Art in Little Rock, AR.

He currently teaches art at Little Rock Central High School, as well as at Arkansas Governor’s School and in group lessons from his studio space.  He and his wife, Melissa, currently reside in Maumelle with their daughters, Reilly and Leah. 

Artist Bio
Drawings, Sketches, & Prints
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Commissioned Works & Permanent Collections
Two Girls, a Boy, and the Watergun, 36x48, Oil on Canvas, 2014The Flat Tire, The Old Bike, and other Bad Decisions, Oil on Canvas, 36x48, 2014The Old Runner and the Burning Bush, 36x48, Oil on Canvas, 2014
Sisters Marching, 36x48 ', Oil on Canvas, 20142 Bikes, The Bridge, and the Things We Carry, 48x48", 2014Waterpark no. 1, 36x60, Oil on canvas 2012  SOLDWaterpark no.2, 48x48, Oil on Canvas 2012  SOLDWaterpark no. 3, 48x60", Oil on Canvas, 2013Waterpark no. 4, 48x60, Oil on Canvas, 2014 SOLD"Red Escape" Near Main Street, 48x48, Oil on Canvas, 2013"Three Figures and the Red Door" Oil on Canvas, 2011"Back Stairs", 40x30", Oil on Canvas, 2010, SOLD"Red Trim", 40x60", Oil on Canvas, 2009"The Cooler, The Father-In-Law, and The Front Porch", 48x60", Oil on Canvas, 2010 Sold" Waiting on the Women", 30x48", Oil on Canvas, 2010"Avenue", 36x48", Oil on Canvas, 2010"Crosswalk", 36x48",Oil on Canvas,2009 "Clinton Avenue", 40x40", Oil on Canvas, 2009"Campus", 48x48", Oil on Canvas, 2009"Behind the Store", 36x48", Oil on Canvas, 2009"Escape and Shadows", 48x66", Oil on Canvas, 2007 SOLD"The Yellow Bucket", 42x42", Oil on Canvas, 2006 "Reilly", 48x48", Oil on Canvas, 2006"Erin" Oil on Canvas, 36x48 2006 Sold"Above Fifth", 48x60", Oil on Canvas, 2006"From the Hotel", Oil on Canvas, 30x40", 2004 SOLD
Alleyway, 48x44, Mixed Media on Paper, 2014Rooftop Mushrooms, 42x42, Mixed media on paper, 2014Girl on the Rocks, 30x30, Charcoal, 2014 SOLDThe Girl and the Dead Bug, 30x30", Charcoal, 2014 SOLDMM Cohn's, 30x22, Mixed Media on paper, 2014 SOLDStudy for Two Girls, a Boy, adn the Watergun, 15x19, Watercolor and Pastel on paper, 2013Study for Waterpark no. 1, 18x36", Pastel on Paper, 2013Study for Waterpark no. 2, 24x24", Mixed media, 2013Study for Waterpark no. 3, 15x19, Charcaol and Pastel on paper, 2013Study for Waterpark no. 4, 18x24", Pastel on Paper, 2013Looming Escape, 20x24, Mixed media on paper, 2013See Through, 18x24, Mixed Media on Paper, 2012 SOLD"Dueling Dozers (Capitol and Main)" Miixed Media, 2009Sketch for "Man and Dog", Mixed media, 2009"Downtown", Mixed Media, 2010My Girls and the Fountain, 30x22", Mixed Media on paper, 2009Studio Study, 13x13, Mixed Media on Paper, 2008"Intersection", Mixed Media, 2006Magid, 37x43, Mixed media on Paper, 2006"Christen", Mixed Media, 2005Oogle, 19x24, Mixed media, 2005Watching the Girls, 22x15, pastel on cut paper, 2005Before the Girls, 28x18", Pastel on Cut Paper, 2005Woman in Sunlight, Mixed Media on Paper, 2005Lletto, 31x38, Mixed media, 2004, SOLDWestside Fire Escape, 38x31, Mixed Media, 2004 SOLD"From the Hotel", Mixed Media, 2004"Above 32nd" Mixed Media, 2004 "One-sided Conversaiton", Mixed Media, 2004Downtown
"Paris", 48x72", Oil on Canvas. Saunders Family Collection. Maumelle, AR"Westside Fire Escape", 38x30", Mixed Media on Paper.  Saunders Family Collection. Maumelle, AR"Erin", 36x48", Oil on Canvas.  Sides Family Collection. Creedmore, NC"Book 'n Bar", 24x36", Oil on Canvas.  Walker Family Collection. Little Rock, AR"My Girls and the Fountain", 30x22", Mixed Media on Paper.  McCann Family Collection. Maumelle, ARMax and Ben, 15x22" Mixed Media on Paper. Pullen Family Collection. Maumelle, AR