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Connie McCann was born in 1954 and currently resides in Maumelle, Arkansas. She attended Arkansas State University but transferred to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where she earned B.A. and B.S.E. degrees. She taught Art in North Little Rock, Arkansas at both Ridgeroad Junior High and NLR High East Campus. The bulk of her teaching career was spent at Little Rock Hall High School where she served as Visual Arts Department Chair. She also taught group art lessons in her home studio for many years. In 2009 and 2012 she was awarded the LRSD Crystal Award as part of the LRSD Teacher of the Year Program and in 2014 she was awarded the Arkansas Art Educators Secondary Level Art Educator of the Year Award. Her work has been displayed in a variety of shows and exhibitions. Connie is currently represented by Boswell Mourot Fine Art in Little Rock, Arkansas and Gallery Central in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Artist Bio
You Talkin' To Me?, Oil on Canvas, 30x40"   SOLD
Ginger and Spice, Oil on Canvas, 24x30
Masquerade, Pastel, 18x24"
Afternoon Window Shopping, Pastel, 15x15"
Poker Face, Pastel, 30x30"
Sun Block, Pastel, 30x30"
O Say Can You See, Oil on Canvas, 24x36"
Flower Child, Pastel, 32x32"  SOLD
Girl with a Fan, Pastel, 30x30"  SOLD
You Can't See Me, Oil on Canvas, 24x48
I Spy With My Little Eye, Oil on Canvas, 24x30"
But I Don't Want To, Oil on Canvas, 24x30  SOLD
Told You So, Oil on Panel, 18x24"
Peace Y'all, Oil on Panel, 20x26"
A Trip to the Soda Shop, Pastel, 20x44
Say Cheese, Oil on Panel, 20x24
Speedo, Pastel, 22 x 30"  SOLD
Speckled Light, Pastel, 22x30
Jen, Pastel, 22x30"  SOLD
View of the Picnic, Pastel, 22x30"
Kirsten, Pastel, 22x30"
The Boy, The Dog, and The Opossum, Oil on Canvas, 36x36
Hanging Out With the Girls, Pastel, 20x44   SOLD
Between Classes, Oil on Canvas, 36x36"   SOLD
Brothers and the New Puppy, Oil on Canvas, 24x36   SOLD
Camping, Cell Phones, and Frog Bowls, Pastel, 22x30
Lake Maumelle, Pastel, 22x26"
The Reader, Pastel, 22x30  SOLD
On The Veranda, Pastel, 22x24"
Teapot Gossip, Oil Paint Sticks, 22x30"
Leaf Shadows, Oil on Paper, 16x22"
Sail Boats, Pastel, 22x30"
Hilda, Pastel, 22x30"
Leah at the Zoo, Pastel, 16x20
Reilly and Banjo, Oil Pastel, 20x20
Tay and Chris, Pastel, 22x22"
Christen, Pastel, 16x20"
My Sheltie Puppies, Charcoal, 16x20"
Puddle Play, Oil on Canvas, 24x36
Beads, Oil Paint Sticks, 18x24"