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Mr. McCann was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1952 and was raised in North Little Rock.  In 1983, while completing his Master’s degree, he accepted a job with the Little Rock Fire Department.  This allowed him the time to develop as an artist and the privilege to serve his community in a fulfilling professional career. He is currently a retired Captain with the LRFD in the Community Outreach and Public Education Program.  

He is represented by Boswell Mourot Fine Art in Little Rock & Miami, and Gallery Central in Hot Springs, Arkansas. His work can also be seen at the Reynolds Center on Aging website, the Arkansas Artist Registry website, and at McCann Art Studios Facebook page.

Artist Bio
Parallel Reflections in the Heights 1, Pastel  38x42
Parallel Reflections in the Heights 2, Pastel, 38x42
Sloss Furnaces 4, Pastel, 22x30
Sloss Furnaces 3, Pastel, 20x44
Sloss Furnaces 2, Pastel, 15x19
Sloss Furnaces, Pastel, 15x15
Cotton Gin, Scott Arkansas, 1 of Diptych, Oil on Canvas, 48x48
Cotton Gin, Scott Arkansas, 2 of Diptych, Oil on Canvas, 48x48
Cotton Gin, Pastel, 30x42
Out to Pasture, Oil on Canvas, 48x48
When the Gears Stop, Pastel, 20x44
Convention Kids, Pastel, 30x31
Beale Street, Pastel, 20x44
Chicago Metro Worker, Pastel, 30x30
Girl Talk, Pastel, 42x42
DC Metro Green Line, Pastel, 30x30  SOLD
At the Boston Farmer's Market, Pastel, 30x66
Shucking Oysters, Pastel, 30x30
Lunch at Rockport, Pastel, 32x36
Rockport, Mass, Pastel, 20x44  SOLD
Connie, Oil on Canvas, 48x60
Working Class Family, Oil on Canvas, 30x48
Working Class, Pastel, 37x42   SOLD
Just Arrived by Train (NY City), Pastel, 38x42  SOLD
Daddy's Little Girl, Pastel, 30x42
Two Aussie Bikers, Pastel, 30x30
Waiting on the Steps, Charcoal, 27x35
Freedom Fighters 1941, Charcoal, 30x42
Freedom Fighters #2, Charcoal, 30x42
Freedom Fighters #3, Pastel, 30x42
Lyric Birmingham, Pastel, 30x66"
Babalu, Pastel, 30x42"  SOLD
Hall of Fame, Pastel, 30x42
Blue, Pastel, 20x44
Carnegie, Pastel, 26x42
Arcade, Pastel,30x42
United Motors, Pastel, 20x44
AR, pastel, 15x21  SOLD
Flying Fish, Pastel, 30x42
Bright Star, pastel, 21x44  SOLD
AP, pastel, 15x21  SOLD
Green Light, Pastel, 22x42,
Argenta Drugs, Pastel, 42x54  SOLD
Open for Business, Pastel, 30x42
Shapes, Pastel, 15x21
Three Times 12, Pastel, 30x43
Apparel 12, Pastel, 30x43
Plastic Chairs and Shadows, pastel, 28x44
The Fishing Trip, Pastel, 38x42, 2014
The Banjo Player, Pastel, 30x30, 2014
Waiting for the Parade, Pastel, 30x30
Don't Cry Little Sis, Pastel, 21x25
Porch Dog #2, Pastel, 30x40
Dog Walk, Pastel, 30x36
Two Guys on a Bench, Pastel, 22x22
Waiting at the Porch, Pastel, 30x30
Miss Gordon #2, Pastel, 30x30
Shopping with the Wife, Pastel, 30x30
Hat Rack, Pastel, 30x30
Jimmy's Pool Hall #2, Pastel, 28x42
Bicycles Shadow Boxing, Pastel, 20x44
Drinks to Go, Pastel, 30x42
Juke Joint, Charcoal, 22x30
Open, Pastel, 28x42
Casting Shadows, Pastel, 22x30
Leah's Tricycle, Pastel, 22x30
Allen Street, Pastel, 16x34
East 17th, Pastel, 30x44
West 44th, Pastel, 22x30
22nd and Chester, Pastel, 38x50
Stopping Point, Pastel, 36x50
Shallow Creek, Pastel, 20x38
Winter 2010, Pastel, 22x30
Morning Snow, Pastel, 15x22
H&B 2017, Pastel on Paper 30x42
The Bay Line 500, Pastel on Paper 32x40
Fuel, Pastel, 30x42
House Shadows, Pastel, 30x42
Porch Shadows, Pastel, 22x22
The Neighbors, Pastel, 30x42